Adding Links to Your Site

Adding links to other people’s sites is a great way to share valuable resources–and an important way to foster a community. lets you do this a couple of new ways:

Users Submit Links

We’ve installed a new plug-in called Add Link, which lets you put a widget in your site’s sidebar that lets users add their own links to your site. You can restrict this with a password, or by requiring user login, in order to combat spam. As the site owner you can also delete or manage these links at any time.

To use Add Link:

  1. First activate it under Plugins in your site’s dashboard.
  2. Then, under Appearance, go to Widgets and drag the Add Link widget to your sidebar.
  3. Set up the widget (e.g. with a password) before saving.

Import a List of Links

Did you know you can import a list of web site links into your blog’s Links area? But the imported file has to be in OPML format. Well, now there’s a convenient OPML file generator that makes it easy to import a list of web site links–from students, colleagues, or classmates–into your blog.

For step-by-step instructions on importing links to your blog, check out our wikipage on WordPress: Import Links/OPML

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