What is on.uvu.edu?

On.uvu.edu is a campus-wide community publishing platform for Utah Valley University faculty, students, staff, clubs, and organizations.

We’re using the popular WordPress platform. While WordPress is primarily used for blogging, projects like UMW Blogs have shown its potential to be much greater. For instance, you can use on.uvu.edu to create a:

  • personal blog
  • portfolio
  • group project
  • club web site
  • class web site

.. and more!

If you have any questions regarding this site, please contact the Innovation Center  at UVU.

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  1. POST#1.
    I have learned a lot in chapters 1-3 but he most important information that i have implied in my communication from those chapters comes from chapter 3. I have been working on having empathy for others and putting myself in others shoes and seeing in their perspective and point of view. When you are able to empathize with others, it is easier to relate with that individual and makes your relationship stronger at a more personal level. I have been trying to imply this in my everyday communication recently and have noticed a huge improvement in my ability to communicate with my close friends and family members at a more personal and emotional level.

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